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Hello gals and guys!~
I'm new here.

I'd like to take this occasion, as I just finally created a DW account after all those "years" following Scans-daily (from one place to another), that I do some parody webcomics at some various places.

Nothing great, just silly drawings I do for fun in my spare time.

First I do weekly parodies on CoolApe.org. Mostly videogame/movie parodies (and some eventual comic book ones too).
Here's the latest one:

A Portal parody @ http://www.coolape.org/comic-eyz-portals.html

I have two blogs (on blogspot)
One for every random thing I wanna talk about, do reviews, etc..

And the other one for my on-going DC and Marvel comic parodies, or as I call them, "Heroes!"

Here's a little advert I made a while ago:

This one was for the SuperBuddies! comics strip, JLI comic strips @ http://heroes-comix.blogspot.com/

You can comment here...or..
Visit the blog!
Leave feedback!
Follow it!
Spread the world!
You can comment with your blogspot/google/yahoo account or anonymously!
(shameless advertisement, to help keep my lil' blog alive there! yeah... but it's people checking it out that will keep me motivated to continue~)

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